The following is just a small sampling of pieces I have written. Due to privacy agreements, some are full articles, and some are excerpts.

The Blue Suede Shoe

You’ve worked hard to truly live your life…not just show up. Boring is not an option. Your style in everything you do reflects who you are. Make sure every element of your life is reflecting you properly – your career, your life choices, and even your fashion sense – all the way down to your shoes. 

Elvis may have been the first to “rock” a pair of blue suede shoes, thanks to Carl Perkins’ genius writing in the 1950s, but the blue suede shoe continues to “rock” itself. It isn’t for everyone. To pull off a blue suede shoe requires confidence, style, and sophistication. Don’t think it goes unnoticed when you walk into a room exuding such confidence. We’ve all been there, noticing the man with exceptional style, and wondering how he pulls it off. Now that man is you.

The unique blue suede shoe is an understated accessory. With a soft and subtle tone but a daring color, it can pull together an outfit and take it from average, to bold and sophisticated. Pair them with a light gray suit or casual pant and enjoy the compliments and envy of other men as they don the usual brown or black shoe. 

Your wardrobe tells a story. Where have your feet taken you in life? Has it been boring, average, and with little adventure? Or have you worked hard to create a life of balance, strong character, and confidence? Make it known when you show up. Whether it is work, a night out, or a meeting at the coffee shop – your story will be clear from your head down to your toes.

As you seek your own unique and sophisticated style, trust ************* for your shoe needs. We believe you should stand out – never too loudly, but quietly, in a way that makes others want to know who you are.  

Content and Customer Participation

…You don’t just sell coffee. You are the neighborhood coffee shop. It is a place to gather and catch up. You wouldn’t throw a party or have people to your home without conversation and participation from your guests. Think of your website and your customers in the same way. Even if they aren’t in your coffee shop on a particular day, they know they have a place to go to feel connected to it. Creating content in which customers can participate, or maybe leave a story themselves, creates a sense of community.


For Some Children, Screen Time Improves Learning

 …When used properly, screen time can be helpful for some children. We all have different learning styles from a very young age. There is no correct or incorrect way to learn, just different styles. The goal is to figure that style out for each child. For some children, the activity of an electronic game that is teaching them almost without the child realizing it, can be helpful. The child who loves gaming may be more eager to play a math game rather than do a worksheet. Many educational programs designed for our devices offer rewards in the form of points, bonuses, etc.. This can be fun for children, and in that case, make screen time very useful for children, teachers, and parents.


Consider New Ways to Serve

 …Your clients will all become ready to get back to their regular routine at different paces. Be sensitive to their needs. Consider new ways to help calm and soothe your clients who are not yet able or ready to come in to see you. This time can be viewed as a time of coming together and doing what you do best…healing others. Reassure your clients that they will never be asked to do anything outside of the current restrictions and regulations.

Phone consultations can be held with your clients before they come in, and even continued until they are comfortable. Let your clients know that you are there for them no matter what, and in whatever way you safely can be. Imagine receiving a comforting note from your (removed for privacy’s sake). Small gestures like that are comforting, and will build a lasting relationship with your clients. Get creative, and think of ways to encourage clients as they wait. This all may lead to a new type of clientele, and that is okay. Together we will all make adjustments and work on healing each other’s souls.


The Health Benefits of Tea

There is something comforting about brewing a hot cup of tea. There isn’t instant gratification, like pouring a glass of water. Patience is learned as you wait for the water to boil, and the tea to steep. Watching the hot water cascade over the tea bag on a winter morning, brings anticipation of warmth, maybe a break with a book in hand, or conversation with a friend.

In America tea follows in the shadows of coffee as a choice for a hot morning beverage. However, in many countries such as China, Turkey, and the UK, tea is the drink of choice – and for good reason.


With ten times the amount of antioxidants compared to fruits and vegetables, there is no denying, enjoying a cup of tea is worth it! Green and black teas are chock full of polyphenols, a group of antioxidants which boost our immune system and ward of diseases such as cancer. So drink up!

Less Caffeine Than Coffee

A little caffeine boost can be a welcomed affect from coffee or tea, but too much isn’t healthy. If you have ever felt the coffee jitters, then you have felt the affects of caffeine on your nervous system. Tea has half the amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. That means you can still get a little afternoon pick me up from tea, without the jitters…


Make Your Presence Known

The world has been having a love affair with coffee for centuries, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. From an energy boost, to a relaxing cup along with great conversation, we love our coffee. In the United States alone there are 3,375 coffee production businesses. Coffee is worth over 100 billion dollars world wide. It is a lucrative business, and that makes it a competitive business. Relying solely on word of mouth, and some great ads is no longer enough. In today’s world of business, you need a great website. Your online presence isn’t an option to consider, it is absolutely a necessity in today’s coffee industry and market…


40s and 50s…Midlife = New Life

 …Entire books are written about midlife and the fascinating time of awakening. Keeping that in mind, you better believe, fashion and fun will not be put on the shelf during one of life’s most exciting phases.

In the middle years you know who you are…well, sort of. We often start out in our early forties questioning that statement. By 50 there is probably a pretty good answer, and we feel like we are just getting started, truly living our lives as our essential selves. Think about it – that is pretty exciting. Midlife is the perfect time to go out on a whim with your fashion sense. Your clothes should be expressing the new you. The you who wants the world to know, youth isn’t wasted on the young. The youthful you is still alive and well. And the best part of midlife and your fashion? You simply no longer care what anyone else thinks. Go for it.


A Perfect Environment

…A Kona coffee bean’s life is always off to a good start, as it is grown in the Kona region of Hawaii, in a perfect coffee tree environment. Just as grapes in the perfect environment produce great wine, so goes the coffee bean.

Along the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountain slopes, under perfect cloud coverage and cool temperatures, its roots dig into rich, well drained volcanic soil. Through the Kona region’s dry winter, the Kona coffee bean thrives, giving coffee farmers a harvest of the perfect coffee bean in the fall…and in turn, giving coffee lovers the perfect cup of coffee.


We Love Our Volunteers

…As a self-supporting organization, not only does (removed for privacy) Meals on Wheels rely on the generous monetary donations from our community, but also on the giving of time.

We simply cannot survive without our dedicated volunteers. We have about 190 volunteers, and we are always in need of more. Volunteering can be an hour, a day, or several days. We appreciate any time you can give. It all makes a difference. The more volunteers we have, the more meals we can serve, leaving fewer homebound community members without a meal.

An organization like (removed for privacy) has many opportunities to volunteer. A volunteer can be behind the scenes shopping, answering phone calls and responding to emails, cooking in the kitchen, or even serving on our administration board. Or you can choose to be on the frontlines, delivering meals to our grateful clients. There is a place for everyone. If you are interested in volunteering, just ask, and together we will find the perfect fit for you with (removed for privacy).



The following are links to survivor stories I have published with Operation Underground Railroad.