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The Blue Suede Shoe

You’ve worked hard to truly live your life…not just show up. Boring is not an option. Your style in everything you do reflects who you are. Make sure every element of your life is reflecting you properly – your career, your life choices, and even your fashion sense – all the way down to your shoes. 

Elvis may have been the first to “rock” a pair of blue suede shoes, thanks to Carl Perkins’ genius writing in the 1950s, but the blue suede shoe continues to “rock” itself. It isn’t for everyone. To pull off a blue suede shoe requires confidence, style, and sophistication. Don’t think it goes unnoticed when you walk into a room exuding such confidence. We’ve all been there, noticing the man with exceptional style and wondering how he pulls it off. Now that man is you.

The unique blue suede shoe is an understated accessory. With a soft and subtle tone but a daring color, it can pull together an outfit and take it from average to bold and sophisticated. Pair them with a light gray suit or casual pant and enjoy the compliments and envy of other men as they don the usual brown or black loafer. 

Your wardrobe tells a story. Where have your feet taken you in life? Has it been boring, average, and with little adventure? Or have you worked hard to create a life of balance, strong character, and confidence? Make it known when you show up. Whether it’s work, a night out, or a meeting at the coffee shop – your story will be clear from your head down to your toes.

As you seek your own unique and sophisticated style, trust ************* for your shoe needs. We believe you should stand out – never too loudly, but quietly, in a way that makes others want to know who you are.  

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Understanding What Side Skirts Do

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Side Skirts reduce the high pressure which would otherwise make its way under a car. By doing so, a downforce is created, improving performance. 

Luxury and super car owners expect the best not only in the way their vehicle looks but also in the way it performs. Customizing an already incredible machine only improves the driving experience. Side skirts offer a decrease in high pressure and an increase in downforce, making your ride smoother, faster, and safer. They look sleek and cool but understanding what side skirts do is important before choosing your auto body upgrades.

High Pressure

Cars have different areas of pressure which affect airflow. For the best aerodynamic performance, airflow needs to move over the top of a car, creating a downforce which pushes down at the top, holding it to the road and making it easier to move swiftly around sharp turns, pick up speed and not be held back by air pressure.

The high-pressure area holds a car back from being more aerodynamic and makes it difficult to reach peak performance for speed and smooth driving. 

What Side Skirts Can Do for Your Car

As you look to improve the aerodynamics of your car, understanding what side skirts do is the first step. There are times, when owning a supercar, you want to feel just how super it is. Reducing high pressure areas and increasing the downforce gives you that smooth performance you are looking for. 

Side Skirts attach below the driver and front passenger doors. Not only do they improve aerodynamic performance by shifting airflow from underneath the car to the top of the car, they also protect the paint as they block rocks and debris from flying up from underneath and chipping away at the car’s finish. 

How To Install Side Skirts

Side skirts are part of a complete auto body kit or purchased separately. It’s best to have a professional install them so they’re done correctly. Investing in your car isn’t worth it if installation isn’t done properly. 

********** offers only the best in customization for luxury cars from Ferrari body kits to Rolls-Royce. Contact us and together we’ll upgrade your super car, from super to supersonic.

Fun Facts for Car Enthusiasts: All About the Nissan GT-R

If you enjoy fun car information, follow along as we share some interesting facts about the Nissan GT-R: one of the greatest sports cars ever made.

Lovingly referred to as “Godzilla”, the Nissan GT-R is famous all around the world for impeccable handling and extreme power. In this article we’ll share some fun facts about the Nissan GT-R. Whether you’re an enthusiast or just curious, get ready to want to get behind the wheel of this powerful hot rod.

It’s Not a Skyline

Many confuse the R35 GT-R with a Skyline, believing them to be two in the same. However, although the R35 GT-R is a predecessor to the Skyline, it is in fact its own machine.

The Coolest Nickname

If you were a car, wouldn’t you want the nickname Godzilla? It sounds like a car that could simply trample the competition, and that’s pretty much how it got its name. That, and the fact that the Nissan GT-R grips the road in the same way we’d imagine Godzilla gripping it — with unbelievable power and strength. If it needed to, the GT-R could destroy anything in its path. Hence the nickname, Godzilla.

Upgrade if You Dare

For those who love the Nissan GT-R beast, you can take it a step further with upgrades. Enjoy turning heads with your car and superior aerodynamics? Then try on a few of Nissan GT-R’s upgrades for size. Whether a carbon fiber hood or a full body kit, the GT-R becomes a sight to behold.

Is It an Engine or a Work of Art?

The R35 GT-R engine not only outperforms most anything, thanks to its V6, 3.8 litre engine, but it looks beautiful doing it. Each engine has its own gear box, designed specifically for it. The most unique thing about these engines is only 13 master engineers, called Takumi, are allowed to install the R35 GT-R engine.

Never Snowbound

Not many sports cars can say they handle well in the snow, but the GT-R can. It has a powerful all-wheel drive system that keeps up with the best of them; even your SUV.

The Porsche 911

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. It certainly helped the R35 GT-R. Nissan doesn’t shy away from admitting the goal was to outdo the Porsche 911 of 2007…and outdo it did.

Nissan knew the 911 was rated the top sports car at the time so they decided to take that title.

Not only did the R35 surpass the Nurburgring lap time, but it surpassed every other sports car as well, including ones that cost much more. Wisely, Nissan didn’t release their prized creation, the R35 GT-R, until they proved it was the best.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our fun facts about the Nissan GT-R. If you get the chance, take Godzilla for a spin and see for yourself what a powerful machine the classic GT-R is.

Why You Should Hire a Matchmaker if You’re a Celebrity

Celebrities long for true love just like anyone else. Often, the truly sensible celebrities turn toward a matchmaker to help them find just that.

From the outside looking in, many imagine celebrities leading glamorous lives full of red carpets, parties that seem to never end, and a smorgasbord of potential dates. And although this is true, celebrities are also human, with a need for love and family just like anyone else. If you are ready for a real love that has nothing to do with your fame, here are some reasons why you should hire a matchmaker if you’re a celebrity.


Dating as a celebrity with another celebrity, or someone who is not as well-known, can lead to a lack of privacy beyond your control.

As a constant familiar face to many when walking out the door, celebrities long for more privacy. An elite matchmaking service understands this and will never reveal the fact that you are using them as a matchmaking service.

A matchmaker will treat you with dignity, understanding it is a business relationship and you are trusting them with your deepest need.

Two Alphas Under One Roof

Let’s face it — celebrities can be strong-willed and often have an alpha personality. It is tough not to in the industry. They have worked hard to get where they are and the world is their oyster.

An issue can occur when two alphas, celebrity or not, try to begin a life together under one roof. If you look into the long-lasting celebrity marriages and relationships, many of them are one celebrity and one successful, but quiet partner who prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Celebrities enjoy the red carpet, but it isn’t always made to be shared.

Unique Lifestyle

Every life is unique in its one way. The celebrity’s lifestyle takes that uniqueness to a new level in the way of schedules, and an ability or lack thereof, to be seen in public.

A professional matchmaking service takes these things into consideration during the matchmaking process. As a celebrity, you need to be matched with a potential partner who goes into the relationship knowing you are not available every Saturday night during certain times.

A celebrity may even spend time living on one coast for months and then another. Simply put, a partner who is demanding of your time or has no flexibility themselves, will never work.

Without a matchmaking service, it can be tough to find a partner willing to accept this unique lifestyle.

Avoid Tabloids

Relationships are hard enough without the added pressure of millions of fans reading the latest gossip which happens to include your love life.

A random date or a date with another celebrity is sure to end up on the front page of some juicy gossip digest. A matchmaker forms a relationship with clients while building trust, and an understanding that everything is confidential.

Potential matches are screened and vetted so you can be sure there will be no discussing with the tabloids, their exciting date with you.

No Time for the Search

As we mentioned, celebrities are busy. The public sees their social activities, but behind the scenes there is a lot of running from one place to another, often in different cities or even on different continents.

Putting your love life in the hands of a reputable matchmaker takes care of the issue of busyness. Let them do the searching for you, so you can carry on with the rest of your life.

Equal in Finances but Not in Fame

A celebrity can easily meet another celebrity. When a matchmaker is chosen to help in the area of romantic love, it is usually because a celebrity is choosing to not date another celebrity.

However, there is often still a desire for a partner who works as hard as they themselves do — someone who has made it, and on their own terms.

With this thought in mind, a celebrity matchmaker finds suitable matches such as, highly successful businesspeople who can hold their own financially but may prefer to stay out of the limelight.

Serious Clients

Every person seeking love has their own ideas and needs of what they are hoping to find. For some it is time to settle down and raise a family, for others it is simply a desire to share their life with another.

Either way, one of the greatest reasons why you should hire a matchmaker if you’re a celebrity is the cost, contract, and serious intentions of every party involved.

Keeping the cost at a standard that only attracts the most affluent, helps in narrowing down prospects for the celebrity dating lifestyle.

A signed contract from all clients entering the service, celebrity or not, further ensures the intentions of each match. No one is signing up just to “see how it goes.” They are serious and ready.

Family Time

Having star studded attention may be great for many celebrities, but in reality, as a family begins to enter the mind, many celebrities do not want to raise children in such a publicized atmosphere. Having a child shines a different light on fame.

That is when a matchmaker is sought to help in finding a partner who is down to earth, real, and ready to begin a life together that will last forever.

As a celebrity, there is often a desire for the other half in the partnership to have a more grounded life to balance out reality when raising children.

This isn’t to say a family can’t be raised in Hollywood. Many have and been successful. Yet, there is no getting around it — the celebrity lifestyle isn’t always conducive to having a family and that is why the balance is sought after.

Certainly, with the many projects worked on and social gatherings to attend, celebrities can meet other celebrities around every corner. Exciting as that may seem, they may not need any more excitement, but instead something real.

********* offers their celebrity dating service in NYC for the elite single, whether an affluent businessperson or a glamorous actor. We care and are passionate about making the perfect match to last a lifetime. 

What To Know About Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Angel’s Envy bourbon has a distinct smoothness all its own to those whose palates know it well. One taste and you’ll want it as a staple in your collection.

Whether a novice or a bourbon afficionado, if you haven’t had the honor of the unique Angel’s Envy bourbon, please seek a bottle of it immediately. Nothing compares to the rich feeling of velvet on the tongue as you take that first sip and slowly chew, hitting every tastebud and awakening every sense. It’s that smooth. Here’s what to know about Angel’s Envy bourbon, so you can enjoy the history of this Kentucky spirit as you appreciate your own glass.

A Little History

Lincoln Henderson retired as a master distiller, after developing well-known brands such as, Gentleman Jack and Woodford Reserve. To say he was a master is an understatement. With this in mind, Lincoln’s son, Wes, approached dad about starting a family business, and Angel’s Envy was born.

The distillery in downtown Louisville, KY is the first of its kind and fans flock to it yearly for tours of the distillery that creates their favorite bourbon.

Angel’s Envy gets its clever name from the idea that angel’s take a small percentage of every distilled spirit each year. (evaporation) What’s left is the “angel’s envy,” as they wish they had more. We think it’s pretty clever and suits this bourbon quite well.

How It’s Distilled

They say Angel’s Envy is Scotch inspired and American made. We say it’s the perfect combination.

Like Scotch, Angel’s Envy uses a secondary barrel finish, but not just any barrel — ruby port wine barrels. Bourbon and port wine are introduced to each other and the reaction is the sweetest, velvety perfection you’ve ever met.

Oh by the way, the distillers of Angels’ Envy are pure perfectionists and take their craft seriously, tasting every barrel before we consume it. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.

The Notes

Please be seated as this list of notes may make any lover of bourbon light-headed.

  • The color — golden amber
  • The aroma — caramel, maple syrup, nuts, and vanilla
  • The palate — creamy vanilla, tangerine, slightly smokey
  • The finish — hints of Madeira (Portuguese wine), smooth, silky, it lingers on the tongue

How To Enjoy Angel’s Envy

With its list of smooth, almost sensual notes, certainly Angel’s Envy needs no additions to make it enjoyable.

It’s recommended to be sipped neat, or with an ice cube or a few drops of water. The dilution from ice or water cools off the “burn” caused from alcohol, and rather than leaving a watered-down flavor, it actually opens up the bourbon and allows the taster to appreciate each note.

In conclusion, as you add Angel’s Envy to your liquor collection, expect to replace it often. Once tasted, it never again needs an introduction. Its unique smoothness speaks for itself every time.

*********is the trusted source to buy rare liquor online. We know all there is to know about Angel’s Envy bourbon and all other rare and hard to find spirits, and we enjoy the discussions about each with our passionate customers.

just sell coffee. You are the neighborhood coffee shop. It is a place to gather and catch up. You wouldn’t throw a party or have people to your home without conversation and participation from your guests. Think of your website and your customers in the same way. Even if they aren’t in your coffee shop on a particular day, they know they have a place to go to feel connected to it. Creating content in which customers can participate, or maybe leave a story themselves, creates a sense of community.



The Health Benefits of Tea

There is something comforting about brewing a hot cup of tea. There isn’t instant gratification, like pouring a glass of water. Patience is learned as you wait for the water to boil and the tea to steep. Watching the hot water cascade over the tea bag on a winter morning brings anticipation of warmth, maybe a break with a book in hand, or conversation with a friend.

In America tea follows in the shadows of coffee as a choice for a hot morning beverage. However, in many countries such as China, Turkey, and the UK, tea is the drink of choice – and for good reason.


With ten times the amount of antioxidants compared to fruits and vegetables, there is no denying, enjoying a cup of tea is worth it! Green and black teas are chock full of polyphenols, a group of antioxidants which boost our immune system and ward of diseases such as cancer. So drink up!

Less Caffeine Than Coffee

A little caffeine boost is a welcomed effect from coffee or tea, but too much isn’t healthy. If you have ever felt the coffee jitters, then you have felt the effects of caffeine on your nervous system. Tea has half the amount of caffeine as compared to coffee. That means you can still get a little afternoon pick me up from tea, without the jitters…

Make Your Presence Known

The world has been having a love affair with coffee for centuries, and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. From an energy boost to a relaxing cup along with great conversation, we love our coffee. In the United States alone there are 3,375 coffee production businesses. Coffee is worth over 100 billion dollars world wide. It’s a lucrative business and that makes it a competitive business. Relying solely on word of mouth and some great ads is no longer enough. In today’s world of business, you need a great website. Your online presence isn’t an option to consider, it’s absolutely a necessity in today’s coffee industry and market…

A Perfect Environment

…A Kona coffee bean’s life is always off to a good start, as it is grown in the Kona region of Hawaii, in a perfect coffee tree environment. Just as grapes in the perfect environment produce great wine, so goes the coffee bean.

Along the Mauna Loa and Hualalai mountain slopes, under perfect cloud coverage and cool temperatures, its roots dig into rich, well drained volcanic soil. Through the Kona region’s dry winter, the Kona coffee bean thrives, giving coffee farmers a harvest of the perfect coffee bean in the fall…and in turn, giving coffee lovers the perfect cup of coffee.

To be a Mother is to be a Warrior of Love

My morning started with a bang, literally, as the garage door hit the front of my car on its way down.

My son was in the driver’s seat and all I could muster out of my sleepy mouth was, “Careful!”

In his defense, careful of what? The poor guy probably felt helpless trying to assess the dangerous situation we were in as his crazy, groggy mother in her mix matched pj’s and winter boots was yelling as if the sky were falling.

If only I had a dollar for every “be careful” that has been whispered, spoken, cried, or yelled out of my mouth and into my children’s ears…Learning to walk. Be careful. Cutting with scissors. Be careful. Riding a bike. Be careful. Playing sports. Be careful. Driving. Be Careful. New job, new college, new place, new relationships. Be careful. Be careful. Please be careful.

They have always giggled at that phrase. I say it constantly. What they don’t know is, be careful means so much more than that.

It means,

I love you and I never want you to be hurt. I love you more than anything in this world. Your life is more important to me than my own. I feel your joy and your pain. I am only as happy as my unhappiest child. You mean everything to me and I want your life to be beautifulNow stop running with scissors.

As mothers, we know our children will never understand the worry and deep concern we have for them (unless you have a grown daughter with a child—she gets it!). They giggle and roll their eyes, “Yes, mom. I’ll be careful. I love you too, mom.” If they only knew the sometimes, deep ache in our hearts as we have to watch them stumble, get hurt, have broken hearts, and sometimes fail.

Even watching them succeed can be gut-wrenching. After about 20 years of having a child under your roof and under your care, you are suddenly expected to ship them out the door. “Okay. Looks like your time is up here. Time to go face the unloving, cold world.” Sure, no problem.

Mothers have great strength. We are freaking warriors. Behind closed doors we silently pray, cry, and scream. The love for a child is so intense it hurts, yet we do it again. We do it again because we know we have brought something beautiful into the world. We have a chance to raise good humans who will be a kind, loving addition to this often, harsh place.

Letting go feels like a sacrifice. I have given all of my adult life to my children. I have poured into them with purpose. I didn’t just throw them some food and clothes and say, “Good luck with all of this life stuff.” No. It takes a ton of effort to bring them up well.

My sacrifice is when I give them to the world. I have to hand them over. It’s like an offering:

Here you go, world. I did all I could and I am pretty sure this person will improve the human race with his kind and gentle soul. You are welcome. Oh, and by the way, if you hurt him, I will hurt you worse. 

As one son is learning to properly judge the distance between minivan and garage door, another is miles away from me, learning to drive a semitruck. And here I am, trying desperately to not age over all the stress. The thing about children is they don’t plan their lives according to your need for low stress and beauty sleep. And we wouldn’t want them to. It’s their life—not ours. I know, I know, it isn’t very fair.

It will continue as long as the world is here. Women will continue to bear children with great physical pain and watch them as they sleep to make sure they are breathing.

We will hold sticky hands and kiss boo boos. We will cry after the first school drop off—but not in front of the child. We will agonize when the first heartbreak comes and cry tears of joy when the child starts smiling again.

It will continue—the worry, love, and care. But in the end, if it is done right, the world will have more love and kindness because of your tremendous love and effort.

Raise them with a purpose. Raise them in a way that causes the world to take notice that they aren’t like “the world.”

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. That is a powerful privilege.

Copywriting example for a vitamin company

You’ve made it through the long winter and possibly lost plenty of Vitamin D along the way. Many of us feel sluggish during the colder months and it’s not just the winter blues. It often stems from a lack of essential Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is vital for immune support, bone health, and prostate health. It also supplies us with the energy we need to live our busy lives.

Consider supplementing your diet with Vitamin Code Raw D3 from The Vitamin Shop. We’ve done the research for you, so you don’t have to. Our Vitamin D3 capsules are derived from 23 organically grown fruits and vegetables as well as live probiotics and enzymes. We believe in raw whole foods…which means with The Vitamin Shop supplements, your body receives more nutrients, thanks to no heat, no artificial anything, and no additives (which are often found in other supplements).

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