About Melissa

Hi! I’m Melissa…lover of words, my children, great food and wine. I created Creating Content because I saw a need for unique content that keeps viewers at your site and wanting to return. Boring content is, well…boring. After plenty of experience in the “content mill,” writing for other companies, I realized I could eliminate the middle man and work directly with my clients. Doing this affords me the opportunity to have closer contact with you and your business, therefore giving me, as a writer, a better sense of who you are and what will work for you and your site. I also love the ability to give my clients a quick turn around to keep their websites and blogs flowing smoothly. I don’t enjoy waiting too long for things and I won’t allow my clients too either. I have written just about everything for many different sites, including press releases, ads for social media, blog posts, and complete content for websites. Creating Content is my dream job and I am passionate about it. I have always been a writer, and with content creation, I enjoy the extra challenge of the sometimes necessary research when I am thrown a new topic. Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to breathing new life into your website or blog! Feel free to contact me directly with any questions. https://www.linkedin.com/in/creatingcontent/ Email Melissa at: creatingcontent.solutions@gmail.com ≠©2020 Melissa Nicholson All Rights Reserved
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